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Alex Cameron, George Nicholas and John Hassell make up the experimental-electronic collective that is Seekae. The trio have constructed two albums so far, STFP (Sounds of Trees Falling on People) and +DOME, with both being a melting pot of their multi-instrumentalist talents. Their sound is a honed amalgamation of samples scoured for by the three for years, with their writing process involving each of them sharing their "bucket of sounds" they’d found that week (Sound Quality). Yet in addition to their usually eletronica/ambient post-rock sound, they still release tracks differ from everything previous, such as piano-based track 'Forest Fire'. This track featuring Ivan Vizintin from Ghoul, comes from their ‘STFP’ album and is one of their rarer tracks which incorporates vocals. Personally, I wish that Seekae and Ghoul would just mash together and create one ultimate ambient band, because Vizintin’s voice is something else. When talking to ‘Sound Quality’, the trio were told that by holding back on vocals and instead working on the "layering" of each track, it gave a distinct longevity against mainstream music. The boys agreed, and said they try to give it "as much depth as possible", and if anything they made sounds like something else already, they’d simply "scrap" it and start over.

Seekae playing ‘3’ from their ‘+DOME’ album against a sunrise:

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